Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where the HELL have you BEEN?!

That's what everyone keeps asking us! Did you die?! Did your computer break? ....

sadly...no! We've just been busy. And frankly, photography free! I haven't taken many pictures of my children. And I've had writers block. And I've been at the pool chillaxin'....and honestly, by the time I get two kids up in the morning, fed, dressed, diapers changed, entertained, the house cleaned, errands ran, bills paid, laundry done, dinner cooked (or bought), kids fed again, kids bathed and put the bed, MOMMY'S TIRED!! :)

But, we're BACK! And I have SOOO much to blog--5 months worth!! All the folders of images are just sitting on my computer desktop, taunting me every time I log in to check email of Facebook (before Everson starts climbing up my leg, or Jackson starts coloring on ANYTHING PAPER in my office....)

If you are on Facebook, I'll be posting each time I blog, or if you are not on Facebook, you can subscribe the blogs by clicking on the RRS button at the bottom! Let me know if you need any help with that!

We now return to REGULARLY SCHEDULED blog posts.....

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JZabodyn said...

Yay Ramie - good to have you back in the blogging world. I know it's so hard to keep up w/. Honestly, I do it so that I can copy what I put on here into Mallory's baby book - one day - ha! Only way I keep track of things these days!