Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pirate Party

Jackson's best friend from Happy Harbour is Ryan Hall. He loves all of this friends from class, but if you ask who his best friend is, he will always respond, "Ryan H." Ryan turned 4 in April, and his mom had a "Pirate Party"! If you know the boys, you know that during the second semester of school, they played pirates ALL THE TIME at recess. It was their thing. So it seemed only appropriate that SOMEONE have a pirate party!

The invitation were adorable--burnt map paper in a small glass bottle with sand in the bottom. They said "dress in pirate attire, or walk the plank!" Ryan had just gotten back from Disney World, where he got a Pirates of the Carribean costume--so cute!

So I set out on a mission to find a cute pirate costume. It's not like it wasn't something he would wear often. Hell, we'd have more playdates that they could dress up for, right?! I googled it, and Party City popped up. And sure enough, our Party City had a size 4 costume, and for a great price--$9.99!! Add a $2.00 eye patch w/earring, and a $2.00 sword, and you have yourself a great little get up!

I called Jackson's other best friend, his girlfriend Piper's mom, and told her about a find! She went out that morning, too, and bought the same one!

The party was a huge hit! Great cake, and an outdoor, simple party at the park where the kids could run around a beat each other with swords! Awesome! Jackson and Ryan and Piper had a blast!

Our Motley Crew!!

Jackson, Ryan, and Piper

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