Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sick Day...Boo

The week before Christmas was a nightmare. It was so bad, that we really were not in the Christmas spirit. At all. Jackson was sick with a terrible cold....hard breathing, stuffy/runny nose, fever, cough...the works. That was Sunday and Monday before Christmas. For a few days straight, I gave him Tylenol meds and coated his body with Vicks and put the humidifier in his room, and it seemed to help. I wanted him to get lots of rest, so I told him that he couldn't get out of bed and had to drink LOTS and LOTS of water (Roaring Water Capri Suns were doing the trick!) On one of the days, Jackson wants to color, but again, he wasn't allowed out of bed, and also my room, b/c that's where the warm mist machine was full of Vicks meds! You MUST NOT LEAVE THIS ROOM!!

So I set up a "desk" on my bed, with a vinyl table cloth to cover my bedspread. We spent the ENTIRE day sitting and watching iCarly, Phineas and Ferb, and Wizards of Waverly Place while coloring and talking to Everson (who was on the other side of the room, away from his brother--unfortunately, we live under the same roof, so of course, he got sick too.)

So happy! Little did we know that he would be SUPER sick in about 26 hours...

The next day, after being stuck IN the house sick, and with no idea that Christmas was in 2 days, we needed to get OUT, so I called my family and we took the boys out to see Christmas lights and then get ice cream. That was about all the Christmas we were having that week.

On Christmas Eve day, we took the boys to see Dr. Perona, b/c Jackson was not getting any better, and Everson woke up that morning with a stuffy nose and a horrible cough. She told us it was just viral and to let it run it's course. She also said to watch the baby closely, and if he developed a fever or got worse, to call or take him to the emergency room. Apparently, the ER the night before had seen 83 cases of RSV. Great.

Christmas morning, Jackson slept. He didn't even wake up excited to see what Santa brought, because he was feeling so bad. Mommy and Daddy were EXHAUSTED too. We were up ALL NIGHT with Everson. He developed a fever over night....uhhhg. He was so uncomfortable, he couldn't breath through his nose, he was FULL of gas....oh! It was so sad. He had NEVER cried before this, we'd NEVER seen him cry real tears...it was heartbreaking. Mommy cried a few times that night too. He wouldn't nurse because he was so miserable. We called Dr. Perona first thing that morning, and she said to give him Tylenol and watch him through the rest of the day, and if after 2 rounds of Tylenol/Motrin, the fever didn't break, take him in. Fortunately, his fever broke, and he calmed down and became more comfortable around 8:30am...good Lord we were tired, though!

Mommy just really hates sick babies with fevers. I'll say it again: I can handle vomiting and coughs and diarrhea, but I HATE fevers!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh poor little guys! Hope everyone is over the sickness and playing their little hearts out again! AV