Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I want a 'mote control boat and a gator....

...and that's what Santa brought him!! :) I have a video to post, too, of him on Christmas morning coming down the stairs, and one of him riding through the front yard! But he was ONE EXCITED little boy! Soo happy that Santa thought he was good this year! As soon as we had come down and he had seen all of his toys, he was READY to get out and play in the yard! But first, Jackson had to see what Everson got. And being the sweet little boy that he is, he made sure that Ev saw each and every gift and got to play with them too! All before running upstairs to change into his "john deer clothes". He opened his stocking, too, to find batteries. Lots and lots of batteries and some bath tub paints. When I asked him later, what his fav gift from Santa was, he said "I just love those paints, Momma." Really?!!?! Are you freaking kidding me?! That gator cost a bundle and you lloooovvveee the bath paints that cost Santa $2.99? Then he remembered the gator and said, "oh, yeah....my gator is the best!" Damn right it is!!!

Each of the boys got 3 toys. Why?
1) because the wise men brought 3 gifts to baby Jesus.
2) Jackson asked for really expensive stuff this year
3) We knew that the boys would get tons of stuff from everyone else who loves them!!

Memaw, Papaw, Aunt Stacey and GG came over for breakfast--they brought sausage burritos--and played while Adam and I finished packing the car for Dallas. It was a fun morning!!



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Those eyes on little Ev! AV