Sunday, February 15, 2009

Working with Daddy

Daddy surprised me on Thursday morning by sleeping in and then telling me "I have 2 days off!" YEAH! I was able to get a TON of work done in those two days--4 albums completed, 2 albums re-worked, a modeling session processed, emails sent/returned, slideshows was great! In the meantime, Adam decided to work on his outdoor kitchen--something that we have been talking about since we moved in!

After Christmas, Adam went out and got an amazing grill! I'll have to post images of that later, but it truly is an awesome grill, and I'm not into that says something! When we had our countertops done, they screwed up if you recall, and we were able to keep the pieces that were wrong! YATZEE! We also kept the kitchen sink that we replaced so that we could have a sink outside. Adam found some flagstone on Craigslist, so we got a SWEET deal on the flagstone that we are using.....anyway, we had ALL the materials, so no more excuses!!

Jackson helped Adam all day--for 3 whole days! They were out there in their white undershirts and jeans....dirt/sawdust/tools/snotty noses and all! The only time Jack Jack came inside was to pee (and he would ask me EVERY time "Where is your restroom?!" The kid CRACKS me up, but more on that later!) and when Daddy was sawing something...he's not allowed around those kind of tools. And yes, Jackson wrote with permanent markers...and no, we weren't nervous, b/c he's pretty good at only writing on what we tell him to! Adam told him he could write '09 on the wood....then he gave that '09 an little artistic flair! HA! He also would NOT take those goggles off for ANYTHING! He and Adam would head to Home Depot (about 6 trips) and each time Jackson would wear them all through the store! HA!

He helped carry all the wood from the truck...yup, in traditional barefoot style...

Of course, we had to take Diet Pepsi breaks, just like PawPaw...

Oh, don't forget my goggles, Momma...


I'll post our house updates tomorrow--we've done alot. This being one of the reasons I have not been blogging....I've been addicted to Rate My Space and HGTV! So, I've been painting and shopping and painting and's an endless cycle!

We had a great couple of days home with Daddy. It was WONDERFUL!!

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