Sunday, February 15, 2009

SIck Little Boy

During Brother's and Sister's, Adam screams from the family room, "Ramie, come quick, we have throw up!" I went running, but what could I do...poor Jackson was getting sick EVERYWHERE. We shuffled him up the bathtub, started the HOT HOT HOT water running in the washing machine for all the clothes, then called MeMaw to borrow the Spot Bot (I really just need to buy one) was a BIG job. So, I've just spend over an hour cleaning: the carpet, steaming the wood floors, the couch (my poor couch cannot take any more, I see leather in our near future). I love being a Mom, but NOT when there is throw up involved. I would LOVE to be the one to just lay in a bed and cuddle my sweet sick baby, but I KNOW how my husband, I sacrifice the cuddling to Daddy while I'm on my hands and knees....

I REALLY hope this is just from eating too much and being a little wild tonight....and NOT the flu....oh, pray for us!

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