Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween Sneak Peek

This weekend was jam-packed! I have so much to update everyone on, I just haven't had a ton of time to sit at the in point, it's 12:30am right now. Yes, most normal mommies are in bed right now, sleeping soundly, passing time until their little ones rise at 7:00am....EERRRR! Wrong!! Not in my case! I function like a vampire...seriously, I've got to work on it in 2009. But until then, I have 2.5 more months to practice!

Today, I got some shots of Jackson. Finally. I haven't even had the time to take the camera out of the back of the car lately, so my poor child might wonder years from now why there were no pictures from September 28th-October 12th...let's hope he's not that detail oriented though!

If you are a blog follower (stalker), you know that Jackson LOVES fishing! Here lately, it's all he talks about and wants to do (other than bowling--but that's an idea for next year, huh!! HA! Jackson as Kingpin!!) So I had gotten online in August to find a costume--and there it was!! BUT, it was not going to be shipped until September 30th...but I pre-ordered it, paid for it, and waited like Christmas for it to show up on the front porch!

Here he is: my future little fisherman....only in Texas would I allow a child of mine to be a fisherman...I never would have dreamed my child would turn out this way, but I LOVE and ADORE his cute little redneck hynie!! Check out the waders!! It's the best part!


Sheri said...

This is really cute! Doug's cousin just mentioned to us yesterday(Sunday) that we needed to get this costume for Cooper. Didn't tell them that Cooper already has his costume. Don't want to spoil anything but Cooper sure does have the walk down for his costume. He picked out the costume himself.

Is Jackson practicing on Grandmas saying "Trick or Treat!" I hope they are giving a reward everytime he says it :)

malee said...

I got my card today...TOO CUTE! I wish we could come hang out on Halloween, but it's opening weekend of deer season so Chris will be hunting and I'll be at my mom's...hope to see yall soon!!!