Monday, April 07, 2008


Life happens....and it happens fast. I blink, and Jackson is walking; I blink, and Jackson is talking--alot; I blink, and Jackson is Mr. Independent. It's very sad--and with my and the business being so busy, I know that I am missing out on some of the most fun times right now. I can't wait to move and slow down...

Before Adam and I went to Tahoe, we got a chance to go to the Brad Paisley concert at the Houston Rodeo--so fun! Jackson LOVED the cows--he would point and yell "mooooo" for EVERY bull and cow that came out of the gate, as well as "click click click" for every horse!

After the concert, more life craziness happened. We made an offer on the house, they accepted, we signed the paperwork, we went to Tahoe. Yikes! Could we have worse timing? Jackson had a GREAT time with ALL of the grandparents--3 days with Grandma Netty and GG Jane and Papa Scott, and then 3 day with Grandma Patty and Grandpa Doug in Huntsville at the baseball games with Camden. Right before we left though, I took Monday to get my haircut, Jackson's haircut, and my nails done. Jackson started rubbing his eye at about 1:00 (after his haircut, so I really just thought it was hair in his eye) but by 1:30, his eye was RED and BOOGERY and WATERING and he was crying. I called Dr. Perona's and said "I have to bring him in NOW," and they got us right in! Yup--it was pink eye. Lovely. I got drops for him, and then left town 2 days later. Great.

After we got back, we had a few trips to the park. Daddy and I took Jackson to the park to play baseball! He loved it!

Then Stacey and I took Jackson on a long walk and ended up at the park...

So then this weekend, we had parties to attend!! YEAH! A weekend with NO WORK!! We headed to our friends, Wade and Lauren, for their house warming party. Jackson was hit with his trains (did I mention he is OBSESSED with Thomas the Train! YEAH!! I love it!!) and gave everyone knuckles (with the phrase "Knock it! Lock it! Don't let your Momma Rock it!" HA!) After spending a great night with the Hanegans, we headed to Pearland for our good friend Elizabeth's Texas Cheerleader Retirement Party!! She has graced the blog MANY times, and although it was 10:00 at night, we still headed to the party so that Jackson could dance. And that he did! He raised the roof, he two-stepped, he even did a conga line with Elizabeth and Celina. We got to see Aunt Rachel (it's been TOOOO long since we've gotten together!) and literally stayed up partying until 12:30 (yes, we are AWFUL parents--oh well, judge me if you want, but my kid is a party animal, and their is no stopping him from shaking his groove thang, okay!?!)

On Sunday, we went down to see Grandpa Scott and Grandma Netty before Sunday dinner at GG Jane's. We let Jackson drive the car--yup, Britney Spear's style--from one house to the other. It's 6 houses people, don't have a cow. He steers and uses his turn signals and honks--it's hysterical. So, when Papa said he could drive his CAR (even Adam doesn't get to drive the Scooter-mobile!) he put on his shades and jumped it! It was tooo cute to see them cruisin' down the road rocking out to "Bringing Sexy Back!" I wish I had my video camera for that one--maybe next time!

This morning, we got up and headed to a MOPS board meeting. And I have to brag now: The ladies in the nursery were mighty impressed when Jackson used his "peees" and "tant you" without being prompted!
"Jackson, would you like some Goldfish?"

"Oh, peees?!"


"Taint oohhh"

Thank you, baby Jesus, for making all our "practicing" pay off! I was so proud!

Remember when I mentioned that Jackson loves trains, well, he plays in his room, alone now, with Thomas and friends! I HUGE thanks to Charlie for our Thomas starter kit (he gave it to me at the baby shower!) This is what I find every morning, noon, and night:

After prying him away from the trains, I had to put drops in his eyes. This is his reaction:

"Jackson? Can I put drops in your eyes?"
shakes his head back and forth, covering his eyes, peeking through..."NO!"

And finally, this afternoon, Jackson helped Grandma and Grandpa with some work in the front yard:

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