Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lazy Sunday

So today is Sunday....and we are all sick. Yuck! Runny noses, ear infections, eye infections, cough, sore arms...between all of us it's something. I had to work on Thursday at the jewelry story (my big e-commerce project) and Jackson was warm, so Grandma Netty took him the doctor--yup, another double ear infection. Poor baby! No other signs, again, just a low fever and a runny diaper--oh, and the sleeplessness. On everyone's part. When Jackson gets up, the entire house is woken up. So now he's on meds for the eye and the ear. And then today, he gets a RUNNY GREEN NOSE--the kid can't catch a break but can catch a virus like a pro! We'll be going to the doctor again tomorrow.

Friday night, we watched a movie. Bee Movie. Very cute! Jackson enjoyed "buzzing"! Yesterday was a work day for ALL of us. Grandma Netty and Grandpa Scott worked in their yard, I worked on images ALL DAY, and Jackson and Adam took a trip to El Campo to help Uncle Clint cut some trees. They are moving a house (yup, MOVING A HOUSE! Fascinating to me...the entire process...goodness!) So Jackson played with Marley and Austin and Grandma Patty and Aunt Rickie all day. He and Adam got home around 9:30pm...tired and crabby and sore. Jackson, on the other hand was exhausted! He got to PLAY ALL DAY!

This morning, I woke up RESTED. I mean really rested. I slept like a baby. Why? Jackson slept through the night without even moving! In his pack n play at Grandma Netty's...all night. YEAH! His ears have been killing him lately, and last night, I guess the infection is going away. Daddy had to go to work, so we just lounged all day. The kind of lounging where you don't even wear a bra. It was great. Jackson helped Aunt Tacey wash her car. We took a nap on the couch. We played trains. We said hi to Mr. Karl. We really did nothing. And, I finally got some pictures of my OWN kid! Yeah! Right now, we are waiting on a pizza to get here

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