Sunday, September 10, 2006


Jackson and I were in the office, which has been our regular routine this past week since Mommy has been so busy, and he was super tired. Just before he fell asleep, I grabbed my camera, and he covered his head up with the blanket! He's gotten to the stage where he is trying to grab everything, and as of right now, the only thing he can really hold on to is fabric! He stares at his hands and plays with his bibs, blankies, shirts....until the next step, where everything goes into his mouth! He's quite the drooler these days with trying to chew on everything! Grandma Netty and Grandma Jane bought Jackson a bunch of little toys this week--bright colorful things, some teething rings, and so far, he LOVES playing with them! Okay, maybe he just likes staring and smiling at the grandmas, but it makes them feel better to think that he likes their gifts!

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Annette said...

Oh yeah, we're alot more fun than those silly toys!!