Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lots going on....too much to talk about!

So, I've been super bad....really's been a WHOLE MONTH since I blogged my precious baby boy!! We have had so much going on!! Here are a few short updates to catch up:

**Preschool Update**

Jackson LOVES school now!! It took 4 full days of school before he was HAPPY to go! Now, he gets up nearly every morning and asks "do I get to go to school today?" I drop him off and he goes right in to his seat and starts working on his morning project--doesn't even look up at me to say good bye anymore! ! :( He has a girlfriend in the class, Piper. She is a doll! He talks about her all the time, and if you ask him about her, he turns red! It's so cute! We've seen them on the playground together, and he's always helping her out. She's a tomboy--so it's all the little boys in his "group" and her...and her and Jackson are typically together! Jackson came home from school one day a couple weeks ago and said "Piper licked me. Right here on my cheek. When I was in line, she licked me!" And lately, we've been talking about playdates, and apparently Piper asked Jackson "Are you going to come to my house and spend the night?!" Jackson's response: "No, not today. My daddy's picking me up in that big truck. I'm going his house!" Nice.

The only issue we have is a boy names James. A few weeks back, Jackson came home from school and told me that "that boy with the curly hair, he punches me." I really just blew him off b/c, seriously, they are 3. I doubt anyone is "punching" him. I asked him if he did anything back, and he said no, that he just walked away. Good job!! Well, this happened again. And again, I told Jackson, "he just wants to be your friend, and maybe he doesn't know how to be your friend. Just ask him "Why you punching me? I'll be your friend, just stop punching me!" When I dropped him off the next time, I told his teacher "Please make sure Jackson is keeping his hands to himself. I think he is instigating another little boy into punching him." Miss Roni tells me, "Jackson's fine. He's friends with everyone. We don't have a problem with him at all. We DO have a little boy in the class who likes to play rough, and we're working with him." Fine..I just hope Jackson listened to me.... apparently not, b/c he comes home telling Adam that James pushed him down on the playground. So I tell him "Maybe he has an older brother that does that to him. Next time, just go get Miss Nancy and tell her what happened." kid will be a tattle tale...and Adam was not having that. So he tells Jackson "Next time he punches you, punch him the stomach." ADAM! NO WAY!! So last week on Thursday, right before we had Everson on Friday, James and Jackson are leaving the classroom at the same time. His mom is standing there, I'm standing there, Memaw is standing there. I tell Jackson "Tell James bye bye and that we'll see him next week!" Jackson's response: "Bye Bye James! See you next week! Stop PUNCHING me!!" His mom is mortified! "Is he punching you?! His sister does that to him, but he DOES want to be your friend!" I was kind of embarrased, but seriously, your kid is punching my kid....oh well! I just blow it off again, b/c Jackson needs to toughen up. Well, we had a playdate with his friend Ryan from his class, and Ryan's mom tells me that Ryan comes home telling her "That kid punches my friend Jackson and my friend Reed." Great.....

Other than that, he loves it!! He's learning alot, mostly children's worship songs that they sing in music and in chapel! I love it!! I'm going to try and post some of those songs on his iPod--------->

Tomorrow we have Fall Festival at his school, so I'll have some pics to post of that!!

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