Thursday, September 03, 2009

Baby Update

I haven't been in the writing mood--can you tell? I haven't been in the "taking pictures" mood either...hell, I haven't been in the mood for anything lately! But I need to update everyone on the pregnancy. If you are on Facebook, you've read how miserable I am. Seriously. I'm just a ball of negative energy. In all of the aches and pains and contractions, I'm at a loss to the fact that a BABY is on the way! I'm so caught up in my own misery, that the concept of holding a baby at the end of this is foreign to me.

I feel like there is so much left to do....I went shopping yesterday and got all my stuff for my hospital bag. I will get that packed up this weekend. I have everything ready for the baby for the hospital--clothes, blankies, nursing stuff. The nursery is ALMOST done, we just have to decide on the name (nope, we still haven't finalized that yet! We know the it will be _____________ Joseph Babcock. That's all we got! Mom and Dad are getting me the glider and ottoman for my birthday, so once that goes in and I get some pictures on the walls, I'll get shots of the nursery. We went with a nautical theme--I really wanted a modern nursery, Adam didn't. So I compromised. We went with the nautical bedding, and I got to buy the expensive furniture I wanted. I was happy!

Everything is washed, ironed, hung, organized! A couple months back, I got EVERYTHING out of closets (pack n play, car seat, bouncers (2), stroller, changer, bathtub, high chair, diaperchamp) and got them all washed in OxyClean and it's all ready to go! I just have to finish packing the diaper bag. I'll get that done this weekend too! Hopefully!

A few weeks back I had my 32 week ultrasound. Everything looked great. I still think this kid looks just like Jackson--with hair! Rosio (the tech--she's awesome!) said she saw a little bit of fuzz! Can you imagine!

My iron is still a little low--but I HATED the pills. I finally got some pills that I can tolerate: Slow FE from CVS. They seem to help with my energy.

Today, I am 34 weeks. I technically have 5 weeks left to get to my scheduled surgery date. I had an appointment yesterday, and with all the contractions I've been having at night, and the massive amounts of pressure, I didn't know what to expect. I really thought she would hook me up to a monitor and track the baby, or put me BACK on bed rest for the 9th time this pregnancy...but she didn't. She isn't concerned about the contractions--at 34 weeks, baby is 5.5 lbs and she thinks he would be fine. If my water breaks, go the hospital! No big deal!

What DOES concern her is my pressure. After my internal, and finding that I am closed and thick still, she told me that the baby's head is not in the pelvis. He hasn't dropped. We BOTH thought that he was low and that my pressure could be from his placement, but that's not the case. NOW, she is concerned that my inscition scar could be thining due to his position. THIS is not good. It's VERY rare, but if that's the case, it could cause major complications during delivery, and in case of emergency delivery, things could go very wrong. It can cause uterine rupture, and hemeroging, etc. So, guess who gets to go back to the high risk specialist again!? DING DING DING!! I go back to Dr. Rowe on Sept 10th for him to check my scarring with ultrasound.

I just keep thinking "Is this how a NORMAL pregnancy goes and I'm just a big baby?" My pregnancy with Jackson wasn't like this at all. People would say "I HATED being pregnant!" and I was like "Really!? It's not that bad!" But now, I get it. My sciatic nerve makes it hard for me to walk...the contractions are a bitch...the pressure is frustrating...the fatigue is kicking my ass....and NOW I have indegestion at night...all this, to the point that ADAM told me "I'm not doing this to you again!" We had ALREADY known that we would have 2 kids when we got married....and this sealed the deal!

Weight wise, I've gained 28 lbs., according to Dr. Taylor's scales. Mine at home says I've gained 30. And you know what, I'm okay with that. I gained 55 with Jackson, so my goal was to gain no more than 35 with this one...hope I stay on track. I know that had this been easier, I wouldn't have gained NEARLY this much because I woul dhave been working out, but I'll tell you, I haven't done A THING! I haven't even walked around the block! And I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that I am NOT one of those cute pregnant girls who "just has a ball in the front". Those people seriously piss me off. I can't wear cute dressed and have skinny arms and a glowing complexion while pregnant--just not happening. I just know that I will have ALOT of work to do once Baby X gets here!


Rickie said...

I dont know about anyone else but I wish you guys would hurry.. I love hearing baby names and im anxious to know what to call him!

Ramie Babcock said...

I know! Right!? Who would have thought that someone like ME would not be able to make a decision like this! I'm still baffled by it...