Saturday, July 04, 2009


Jackson and I were folding laundry and he said "oooohh...I gotta go poop!" he always does. He goes into the potty and can get up on the potty himself and go, and when he's done, he calls out for me to "Come wipe my butt!" Classy, I know...

This time, he was in there a LONG time....quiet....and I'd say, "Are you done?" "Nope." "Are you done?" "Nope."

I walked in and this is what I found....oh, blackmail...I foresee this being in a wedding slideshow someday!! HA!


gma2jack said...

Geez momma, give a guy some privacy. Looks like he's in deep thought,lol.

Sheri said...

These are sssooo "Cute." He is going to be so mad when he is older and you share these. Wait until he is old enough to take pictures of you, Ramie!