Thursday, January 08, 2009


for my lack of blogging. I have just really been enjoying being a simple stay at home mom. I only have a few things on my plate right now (one wedding album left to finish, one project, and my website...) and I have been spending my entire days with Jackson. Shopping, cleaning, working out and playing. I love it! I'm so calm and relaxed and I feel great! Stress free!!

Also, I have no pictures. Seriously. Actually, I sent my pro camera equipment to Canon for it's once a year, calibration, refurbishing...I got my camera back on the 2nd (it was gone over Christmas too) and I JUST got my lenses back TODAY.

So, I promise some pictures this week!

But, continue to keep up with our every move on the Twitter box on the right---------------->

Happy 2009! Oh! I WILL be blogging our NYE celebrations (not many pictures, but one video...)

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